My Top 10 Gallery picks

My Top 10 Gallery picks

Do you ever think about what art you’d buy if there were no obstacles? I did some thinking about it and the results surprised me. If I’m honest, I was momentarily scared that I wasn’t doing the “right” art. Silly, yes? Yes! So what where those top 10 pieces?

  1. Traveller by Rob Foote. Because I love snails, and that tonalist background.
  2. Large Owl on a Screen by Jan Mankes. His style calls to me. I love owls too.
  3. Vintage Teacups by Pierrette Komarek. Those details, I could get lost in them for days.
  4. A Distant Field - Derek Fox. I could swear I know that path and now I want to revisit it.
  5. Pacific Sea Mermaid - Tony DiTerlizzi. Love his work on Spiderwick Chronicles and Wandla, it was hard to choose just one.
  6. The underwater scene lightbox by Aline Maire. How can something so deceptively simple convey so much.
  7. Faery of the Leaves Fallen by Iris Compiet. Those eyes! That... hair?
  8. Golden Oriole - Vorja Sanchez. The doodley details! Another one whose details I could lose myself in.
  9. The Question that Devours - Beth Cavener. I love the flowing details in all her work.
  10. Sketchbook page from Marco Mazzoni. This little bird is adorable and I love the limited palette he uses in his work.

I find it surprising that only 2 are in a style similar to my own. Does an artist have to collect the same style they create? I don't think so, do you? What would you collect?

If you ever wonder what art is inspiring me, you can look at this pinterest board I update often. Scrolling through it is like revisiting the rabbit holes of my interests. 

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