Life After Art in the Park

Life After Art in the Park

What an amazing weekend! Columbia Art League knows how to put on a top notch event. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported me and all the artists at Art in the Park.

Also, welcome back to the website! I hated to close the whole thing during the event but I haven't learned how to close just the shop. I'm not sure there is a way but I'll keep looking.

Quantities of what was listed before last weekend have been updated. Some things sold out and I'll be restocking soon. If you're here to get something you saw at Art in the Park but don't see it, contact me. I will make sure that gets added in the next shop drop. Otherwise, be on the lookout for monthly updates. They'll be published to the newsletter so get on that list to keep up to date.

I'm still processing all that happened. This was on my bucket list for so many years. Now what? I don't know exactly, at least not yet. Today I'm letting myself wander mentally and physically. Tomorrow I will be art, work and planning.

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