What If…

IMG_022313″ x 10″
Soft pastels on Uart 600 sanded paper

After, Ingredient: Apple, I went off in the opposite direction with the briefest of plans. Not that this direction was premeditated, it just sort of happened as a response to CAL’s Stranger that Fiction call for art.

It was oh so very uncomfortable in the making. It felt agonizingly slow going, feeling my way through the creative darkness. I only knew each element briefly and some from years before: the flower, the leaf, the creek and me. I’d drawn or painted each before so they weren’t completely new. it was like being on a huge, dark staircase with a small flashlight. I could only see the next step but not the one after it or last.

If those steps were real, written on each one would be the words: “What if…”

  • What if the under-painting was bright pink? (because I’m not usually one for that color)
  • What if my face was only greyscale? (because I often feel colorless on the outside)
  • what if the leaf started over but then went under? (because coolness!)
  • What if…. on and on and you get the point

So, that became the title… “What IF…”

I can almost see a follow up painting: me on an Escher-like staircase flashlight in hand… bits and bobs of paintings I’ve done tucked here and there and written on each step, “What if…)

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