8″ x 10″
Soft Pastels
on Canson paper

Meet Trigger the therapy horse. I had the pleasure of volunteering with him at Cedar Creek Therapeutic Riding Center. Such a sweet soul.

The day I took this photo, we were both taking a break. I love the lighting in his mane and the quiet contentment on his face. He seems to be enjoying the warm sun.

This is one of my favorite attempts on Canson paper. It is not a forgiving paper. It only gives you so much “tooth” and then it refuses any more pigment. Regardless, I was able to pull off the back lighting and suggested arena. I remember being surprised at the 2 colors that came together there. They weren’t what I expected.

This piece was bought by a wonderful man, a retired school bus driver, for his daughter who loves horses. I really enjoyed getting to know him the day he picked up this painting. That day I realized that through art, I would meet new people. I just never really considered it before.

Half of the purchase price was donated to Cedar Creek in honor of Trigger.

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