The Reason for Wrinkles

Reason for Wrinkles - small12″ x 18″
Soft pastels on Uart 600 sanded paper

Created, with special matting and hand-made frame, in response to CALs Arcana show where it received the honor of second place awarded by Mat Ballou

“This is exceptional on a number of levels. First is her sensitivity to the pastel… she manipulates it with rigor and density. Martin’s presentation is interesting and dynamic; from the choice to crop the pachyderm’s head to her unique matting and framing, the look of the piece is special and forthright. Ultimately choosing to depict the sacred feminine through the elephant face, eye and ear is moving and — like the card it represents — stimulates a quality of quiet reflection and and memory.” ~ Mat Ballou, Awards Judge, BFA ’01, MFA ’05

You can read more about the creation of this piece in my blog post.

Reproductions: 8″ x ll” prints and 4″ x 6″ cards are available at my InPrnt shop. I’ve tested the image and am very happy with the results!

Me with the artwork (matted and framed) hanging at the reception

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