14″ x 11″
soft pastel on Uart 600 paper

The reference shot for this piece was shared by a friend. She was burning papers to release negative energy from past events. So I chose “Release” as the title as I felt that fit both symbolically and physically.

Zooming in gave the realistic photo a very abstract feeling. It reminds me of something but I haven’t quite put my finger on it yet. The greens I put in the flame weren’t there in the reference photo but added a nice color vibration to the areas of flame.

You can see a slide show progression of this painting on my YouTube channel.

IMG_4249 (1)

If you are interested in this piece please leave a comment below or find my email on the  contact page. The purchase price includes the frame, glass, mats and hanging wire. (see second picture) So it is ready to hang on your wall!

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