14″ x 14″
soft pastel on Uart 600 paper

This was my interpretive submission for Columbia Art League’s Interpretations Art Show in 2016. Facets was my original submission for that show.

I was interpreting Philip Coleman’s “Emigration”. I will try to get his permission to post it here.

Rather than just arrange this piece in my mind, I created the still life using imagery from Philip’s work… pin oak leaves, a time of night and a baby bird. His writing put me in mind of memories shared by grandparents. So I put this together as if it were a memory board of sorts. The watch was my grandmother’s. It is set to the time mentioned in the poem. Though I wonder if anyone could tell because the dial is set with noon to the left of the release. The bit of hand-made lace was made by someone in my family several generations back. No one remembers now. The leaves I gathered in a park after a particularly windy day. A “scouring wind” was mentioned in the poem so I thought it a good sign. The pins and cork were new as is the photo of the baby bird. I cut and distressed the edges to “age” it.

Arranged and photographed, I had a hand-crafted reference to paint from. Something I’d not done before now. My goal was to have more shadows but they interfered with seeing enough of the pieces to know what they were. So they became minimal. The cork and watch were a challenge to render. The watch still looks crooked to me!

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