Ingredient: Apple

IMG_78948″ x 8″
Soft pastels on Uart 600 paper
(prints available here; other items here)


This piece is in response to Columbia Art League’s Indulge Art Show. It and it’s charcoal study, were submitted for juror approval…. AND THEY BOTH WERE ACCEPTED!!!

Why did I choose a simple apple still life to represent “indulge”? It’s “just” an apple right? Technically, yes, it’s simply a piece of fruit with a simple round shape.

As someone with food allergies/intolerances (who can eat apples most of the time) it is a simply wonderful piece of food. No need to check ingredients, there’s only one! A good wash and I can “just” eat. That is an indulgence for me.

As an artist, that simple shape allowed me to focus on the value and color. There’s little in the way of details to distract so those values were critical. To focus on one thing, values, is an indulgence.

Also as an artist, this is the first piece where I took the time to really get to know the reference. Before I even began to work on this piece, I had drawn it 3 times: once in my sketchbook, once as a charcoal study and finally as a color study. There is no doubt in my mind that this indulgence of time paid off in the final piece.

You can see time-lapse videos of the graphite study, charcoal study and final piece on my YouTube Channel.


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