In His Finest

HopeMartinInHisFinest12″ x 8″
Soft pastels on Uart 600 sanded paper
(includes hand-built frame & double mat shown below)

This fine fella is a Brown Pelican. He’s out in his breeding colors hoping to impress the lady pelicans. The name of this piece comes from my notion of him being “all dressed up” in his finest attire. I had no idea they could be so colorful! I’d seen them in person when I lived in California but never close up. I also didn’t know that they do not have nostrils! Next time my nose is plugged up I’m going to imagine I’m breathing like a pelican. 😀

On display at Central Bank and buyable through Columbia Art League in downtown Columbia, MO.


Price includes the hand-built  frame you see above. I cut the black-core mats myself. They have 3/8″ space between them for added dimension.

You can purchase prints and cards of this artwork in my INPrnt shop!

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