Full of Wine


10″ x 16″
Soft Pastels on Uart 600 paper
available at Columbia Art League

This critter is my interpretive submission to CALs Interpretations V art show. It’s partner piece is titled Snail’s Pace.

For this piece, I had to “interpret” a poem by the amazing Marta Ferguson of Wordhound. As soon as I get her permission to post the poem titled “Quinoa”, I will!

The poem had lots of verbal imagery and I played with so many ideas. It was a challenge to narrow down which direction to choose: a still life, a landscape, even a cat. In the end I went with something literal, a glass of wine, half full, sitting in the fading sunlight.

IMG_6136This show is designed to challenge artists, pull them outside their comfort zones. This painting was both for me! It isn’t a close up and there is not a lot of juicy detail. Two things I usually have in ample amounts. So I played with other things to make it interesting such as the layout, dimensions and limited colors;

The size of the painting is based on the golden ratio. Here you can see it in the planning stages with that famous spiral over the top of the glass. The blocks that create the spiral decided where things were placed within the arrangement. I even fudged the glass shape a little to make it fit better.

In the upper left of my easel there’s a small color study. I ended up doing three of them on different papers to see which gave me what I wanted: off white velour, black velour and off white sanded. The last option was my choice because the big light areas showed up best on it..


Hand-made frame, double mat, glass
and hanging hardware are included in the price.

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