Fleeting Vision

in a soap bubble
12″ x 12″
Uart 600 paper
Soft pastels
hand-made poplar frame

This was made in response to a call for entries in a landscape art show and submitted with, Close Inspection. After trying my hand again at landscapes, the reference photo (from Paint My Photo) was very appealing because it isn’t solely about the landscape.

The landscape is there but it is reflected and distorted over and over again. There are so many reflections going on! So I thought I’d give it a try and I learned something in the process.

I do not necessarily enjoy painting landscapes. I love seeing them or seeing a painting of them. I think it is because I am overwhelmed by all the details. I also think this is why I like macro shots or really tightly cropped shots… it┬ásimplifies the view. The landscape reflected in this bubble is simplified. Its colors and shape distorted by the surface that holds it. Both of those things appeal to me as does the change in the point of view. What I mean by that is it is not just a landscape as seen directly.

The frame is hand-made from alderwood by my wonderful husband. Stepped out of my comfort zone and went with coordinating mat and frame… really glad I did.

“What I love best are the colors in the sky and in the reflection of the trees and the bubble and in the bubbles reflection. You can almost just slip into that world.” ~ D. Orely, art collector.


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