Einsteinus Parvus


14″ x 11″
Uart 600 paper

The reference photo for this painting has quite a funny history. I took it back in 2009. Found this wooly ‘pillar on our deck and took a photo. Then uploaded it onto Project Noah, a fabulous website where you can get  help IDing critters and plants you find. This guy is a Laughter caterpillar.

Well, through that website, a journalist in the UK contacted me  in 2013 wanting to do a short lifestyle piece since this caterpillar had been compared to Einstein.

Two years later, in 2015, I painted it and submitted to CALs Interpretations art show. This show pairs a writer with a visual artist. Each does a second piece inspired by the other’s first. This is where the history turns a bit sad.

I was paired with Mary Fussel who wrote a wonderful poem inspired by my painting. Sadly, Mary passed away before I got to meet her. This article in the Columbia Tribune about the show mentions her, my painting and lists the poem. I’ll quote it below:

Floating” she wrote, “lofty, softly / traversing inside my / silky orb, searching for the safety / of a / trusted friend I spy the debris / of battles, tears veiled in / the terrain far / below.

2 thoughts on “Einsteinus Parvus

  1. Astonishing Painting…Touching Insight…..Heartfelt Poem…’Tis a lovely, poetic account of the way in which art-full expression from one spirit touches another spirit, invoking the muse, inspiring more art-full expression.

    Liked by 1 person

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