Drawing on Escher

Drawing on Escher

14″ x 11″
Uart 400 paper.
Soft Pastels.

This painting and “Accidental Dali” were in response to a themed art show about your artistic inspirations called Everything’s a Remix. This painting was even featured on the postcard for the show!

To get the shadows and proportions right, I made reference photos in stages. I literally crumpled a piece of paper and thumb-tacked it to a piece of red board. Then I photographed my hand in front of that twice to get the different sides.

The green bracelet is something I made a while ago. The black one was a gift from my daughter. My family is definitely one of my inspirations!

I chose to depict my left hand twice because I am very much a lefty!

You can see a video progression of this piece at my YouTube Channel.

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