Close Inspection

in a frog's eye
10″ x 8″
Hahnemulhe velour paper
various soft pastels
SOLD at the Big Muddy Art Auction online!

As the second piece for a landscape art show submission I find I like it better than the first piece,¬†Fleeting Vision. This happens frequently I am finding. Since the art shows I most often submit to accept two pieces, I’ll submit a second one “just because” and it seems to be the better of the two. Maybe I am more relaxed and “playful” is the reason; more willing to try new things and push the theme and less worried about getting it right.

The reference photo for this piece is one I took. My daughter had brought in a large green frog the caught in our yard. The reflection you see is the trees in our backyard the sun… and my phone. So, it is a landscape, of sorts, as seen by the frog; or at least as reflected on its eye.

What a beautiful eye it is! Those gorgeous warm metallic tones with a patch of silver. The patterning in the iris reminds me of aerial shots of river systems. That center gold band frames the reflection beautifully too.

Below is a picture of it matted and framed.¬†This piece was accepted into Columbia Art Leagues’s “Scapes” art show.

Mat & frame included in price

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