Autumn Repose IV

AR4finallow10″ x 8″
Soft pastels on Uart 600 sanded paper
$208 (frame included)

This piece was a bit of a departure from the previous ones though perhaps not much.


The little yellow fungus, Witch’s Butter, was not in the original reference. I added it to trace the Fibonacci spiral that I use as composition guide and sizing aid. The progress shot here will give you a clearer view of what I mean.

I love how all the major elements in this (leaf, deck rail and screw heads) are being changed by the elements. They are aging together each in their own way.

Fourth in my autumn leaf series,  8″ x 10″ prints and greeting cards of this are available through my INPrnt shop.

Autumn Repose IV, an art print by Hope Martin - INPRNT - Google Chrome 212019 124941 PM

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