Autumn Repose II

IMG_3907 (1)

12″ x 12″
Uart 600 paper
$190 (includes frame seen below)

I love fall leaves! Their colors and shapes. Found this one on a bike ride with my daughter. It is huge! Bigger than your head. And the reds were exquisite. I like the contrast between the hard grey rocks and the vibrant red, organic leaf.

A photo progression slide show of this piece can be seen on my YouTube channel. You’ll see a note that I brushed as much pigment off as I could and started again following a tutorial for using denatured alcohol to “wash” the pigment into the paper. Works really well and I’ve used it several times since. I did that because I just wasn’t getting the look I was after. The wash helped as did setting it aside for more than a month.

Interested in this painting? Great! Just leave a comment below or find my email on the  contact page. The purchase price includes the hand-made oak frame, glass, mats and (not shown) hanging wire. So it is ready to hang on your wall!

You can also get prints or cards of it from my INPrnt shop.


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