an addition to a series and a study in value


A word I always hope to hear. It means so many things: supplies, validation and a hint of sadness. While I’m glad someone connected with this piece, I’m going to miss that snail! Funny thing to say isn’t it? Beyond the sadness, there’s always the lessons learned. Like the values in that inner shell spiral, they…

Graphite Speed-sketches Vol. 1

There is a new speed sketch video up on my YouTube Channel today. My plan is to make this a weekly habit so stay tuned for volume 2. 😉 If you subscribe while you’re there, you’ll not only get notified when I post new videos buy you’ll also get me one sub closer to 100…

Tuesday Thoughts

I started this last week not realizing how much it would help me put into words this wordless thing I do, ART. The effort usually leaves me feeling like I’m trying to explain why I breathe! LOL! To help me get past that feeling, I’m going to use quotes, someone else’s words, as jumping-off points….

Tuesday Thoughts

how I defined “good” and “great” this week and how it helped me get a better perspective