My first demo

I spent the majority of yesterday in Jefferson City with a group of 5-8 grade kids showing them how I use pastels. I think it went well. At first I fielded 20 or more questions ranging from “what’s my style” to “whom did I vote for”. O.o So some questions were more thought provoking than…

May Speed Sketches & Paintings

Another month has flown! Here are a few of the things that happened in the studio during May. There were lots of portraits and I used a new paper. Didn’t think I would like it at first. Now that I’m back on the sanded paper, I really miss the velour! I think it has become…

April Speed Sketches & Paintings

Picked a few of my faves from last month and made a short video for you. Why should you watch these things? If you’re an artist too, seeing how other’s create is a fantastic way to find inspiration. If you’re not an artist, it is a bit magical to watch it happen before your eyes…

New Art

New art and lots of news!

Sneak Peek!

new pastel painting to be released this week