Graphite Speed-sketches Vol. 1

There is a new speed sketch video up on my YouTube Channel today. My plan is to make this a weekly habit so stay tuned for volume 2. šŸ˜‰ If you subscribe while you’re there, you’ll not only get notified when I post new videos buy you’ll also get me one sub closer to 100Continue reading “Graphite Speed-sketches Vol. 1”

Tuesday Thoughts

I started this last week not realizing how much it would help me put into words this wordless thing I do, ART. The effort usually leaves me feeling like I’m trying to explain why I breathe! LOL! To help me get past that feeling, I’m going to use quotes, someone else’s words, as jumping-off points.Continue reading “Tuesday Thoughts”

May Speed Sketches & Paintings

Another month has flown! Here are a few of the things that happened in the studio during May. There were lots of portraits and I used a new paper. Didn’t think I would like it at first. Now that I’m back on the sanded paper, I really miss the velour! I think it has becomeContinue reading “May Speed Sketches & Paintings”

Landscapes in Soft Pastel

Recently re-discovered Karen MargulisĀ on YouTube. She does some amazing landscapes. She’s been doing a daily pastel landscape every day for 10 years! It shows. She makes it look so easy. Over the weekend I gaveĀ her daily painting technique a try with a small landscape (6″ x 9″). It is slow going. I think I mayContinue reading “Landscapes in Soft Pastel”