A Sale! and a Fleeting Glimpse

Knowing a bit about why someone chooses to buy a piece of art, what attracted them to it, is like icing on the sale-cake. LOL! Sometimes they don’t know why and that’s okay too. But when they can share just a little bit, like Diane did for this piece, I feel like I get a…


A little sad but mostly happy and honored.

What If… process

voice-over with progress shots of What If… It was a very strange journey!

My soft pastels

These are my pastel trays. They are made from 4 10″ x 20″ canvases I bought at Michaels for $5 a piece. I hot-glued strips of board to make the sections and lined them with a tissue.  I could have sworn I saw this idea on Pinterest but I can’t find the pin. I’m working…