Top 5 Tips for Soft Pastels

I’ve found it hard to list all the things I’ve learned over the last 6 years of using soft pastels. Teaching classes has helped me organize my thoughts beyond “just do this and that” and practice sharing them so I thought I’d share the most often used tips here. In no particular order, here’s myContinue reading “Top 5 Tips for Soft Pastels”

What if…a year later

About this time last year, I made this video about how this paining planned itself… sort of. Lately, my planning has been a little more like this one… a planned destination with an unplanned journey. I’ve written a little more about this painting here. If you’re interested, you can get high-quality, archival giclée cards and prints inContinue reading “What if…a year later”

InCoWriMo Week 3

Hello again! It is time for the weekly InCoWriMo download. This week features “Autumn Repost IV” which at this moment is hanging in downtown Columbia at Central Bank. Here are the files: front and back   Did you get a chance to use the previous downloads yet? I would love to know how they workedContinue reading “InCoWriMo Week 3”

A Sale! and a Fleeting Glimpse

Knowing a bit about why someone chooses to buy a piece of art, what attracted them to it, is like icing on the sale-cake. LOL! Sometimes they don’t know why and that’s okay too. But when they can share just a little bit, like Diane did for this piece, I feel like I get aContinue reading “A Sale! and a Fleeting Glimpse”

Do You InCoWriMo?

WARNING: this post may give you the desire to buy all the vintage postage and send letters all over the world. But hey! There are worse things no? Oh! And there’s a freebie or two at the end of this post… too. 😉 February is International Correspondence Writing Month (InCoWriMo). It’s vintage social media y’all!Continue reading “Do You InCoWriMo?”