Artist Statement


I find inspiration in the small and everyday things: my reflection in a frog’s eye, the patterns on a snail’s shell. They are full of details! They are also far from ordinary if you take the time to really notice them.

I aim, with my art, to give people a reason to slow down. I want them to notice the beauty of the little things that they miss. There is a sense of wonder to be found in those little things.

My medium of choice is soft pastels. They have a messy, immediate result that appeals to me. I also use black ink with watercolor and sometimes instant coffee.

Artist Bio

IMG_7894Hope Martin (°1968, Chicago, United States) creates pastel paintings, charcoal drawings and mixed media artworks. By taking daily life as subject matter while depicting detailed close-ups, Martin creates art that invites the viewer to take a closer look at life.

Her paintings are characterised by the use of everyday people, animals and objects in which recognition plays an important role. Hope Martin currently lives and works in Columbia, Missouri.

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