Artist Statement


My art isn’t so much about making a statement as it is a way for me to explore and connect to the natural world around me. I see so much wonder there and things I want to understand. I strive to understand them by capturing their likenesses in pigment, especially the small things like a snail or a frog. I feel they are often the overlooked in our busy world. I hope by depicting those things larger than life people will take a moment to notice them and find a connection to nature they didn’t know before.


Artist Bio

IMG_7894Hope Martin (°1968, Chicago, United States) creates pastel paintings, charcoal drawings and graphite drawings. By taking nature as subject matter while depicting detailed close-ups, Martin hopes to create art that invites the viewer to take a closer look at the world they are rushing through.

Her paintings are characterized by the use of everyday people, animals and objects in which recognition plays an important role. Hope Martin currently lives and works in Columbia, Missouri.

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