InCoWriMo Week 3

I realized halfway through last week that my last post may have sounded like I was analyzing week 2 rather than giving my thoughts on moving into it. So to be clear, these are my thoughts moving into week 3: hanging in there!

The “please take my mail” flag has not been replaced on our mailbox due to nothing being able to dry out right now. The snow has been lovely but today’s high was in the 50s so now we have mostly mud with a little snow on the shadowy side of things. So every few days I can usually get by a blue box to drop the letters and postcards off.

Using postcards is a big help! First it’s only 35-cents to mail a postcard. Also, limited space means you can’t write a novel. Okay, that could be good or bad but when pressed for time or ideas, it’s a GOOD thing! 

IMG_1625In week three, fatigue is my biggest issue. I do enjoy writing/sending mail but not on a daily basis.  So postcards or small note cards are my “go to” when pressed for time and energy. Speaking of which, here’s another postcard file for you to download: glowfinalpostcard. Same two-up format with a bookmark. This one features,  my pastel painting “Glow“. I love the unusual perspective of looking up through the flower.

Okay, that’s all for this coming week. See you next week! Drop me an email or comment to let me know how your InCoWriMo experience has been.

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