InCoWriMo Week 2

Thought I’d check in and let you know how my week’s been going in regards to InCoWriMo 2020…

So far, I’m keeping up at writing a letter or card every day. Having a stack of cards ready to go has been a tremendous help! Getting them into the hands of the post office has been a more delayed thing. You see, the flag on our mailbox fell off at the end of January. I didn’t think it would be a problem but, as far as getting the postperson to take outgoing letters, it was! That is to say, they wouldn’t. So, I had to work in a trip to a blue box or the PO downtown to mail last week’s letters. No biggie, not a deal breaker. They still went out. But guess what?!! Now my WDH (wonderful, dashing husband) has fixed the flag so I can just walk the letters to the box as I write them again. Whew!

How about you? Did you get a chance to use last week’s postcard download? Let me know how it worked for you. If a honey bee isn’t your thing, here’s another one for this week: Giraffe postcards. Same format as the “Bee Brave” ones: two postcards and a bookmark!

Would you like to see one of these postcards in action? I still have a couple spots open on my InCoWriMo list! Email me your snail mail address and I’ll send you a giraffe postcard in the mail with a note from me. 😀 I will not use your address for anything else!

Now go find connection and spread a little joy!

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