In 2017 I stumbled across this thing on IG. The goal: write a letter to someone every day in February. Seems everyone has different ways of meeting that goal. My top goal is to, by the end of February, have mailed out 28 letters, cards or notes. Each piece of mail to a different person.  I count replies too (If I haven’t already mailed that person in February.). This fits into my life and doesn’t add stress. I wrote a wrap-up post last time with ideas I use now.

Why should I spend the time writing and sending snail mail when I could be making art? Well, they are kinda two sides of the same coin, no? They are both about making connections and spreading a little happiness out there in the big scary world. So, that’s why I do both!

Would you like to exchange a letter, card or note with me? I have a few spots left on my list! Doesn’t have to be more than just this one. It can be as plain or as fancy as you wish 😉 If so, please let me know! Send me an email with your snail mail address!

If you’re interested in finding more InCoWriMo pals, look up the tag #incowrimo2020 on IG. That’s where I’ve found most of mine. But watch out! You may end up with a long term pen pal. 😉

Postcards after trimming

Need a card to send? I’ve got you covered! I’ve created (and tested!) a printout with two postcards (and a bookmark!). My test was printed on 12pt gloss coverstock. Click Here to open and then download the pdf. There’s no side-two. I figure you know how a postcard works and can fill it in on your own. 😉

Next week, I’ll have another one for you. Last years downloads can be found: here, here and here.

Any questions?!! Let me know!

Not yet trimmed.

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