4 Reasons to Be My Patron

Building on my previous post, I thought I’d fill in a bit more about why being a Patreon patron is such a great thing. Not just being MY patron, which I would love you to be, but being a patron of any artist.

1. Supporter vs Collector

So let’s say you know me or you know my art (maybe both) and have thought something like this: “I can’t collect your art because I don’t have enough {money/space} to buy real art.” Sound familiar? I know I sometimes feel that way! So how can you support your favorite artist if you can’t buy their art?

Micro-donations! With micro-donations, you can still be a patron of your favorite artist without all the nail holes in your walls. 😀 As a Patreon patron, you can easily change your donation amount at any time. You can increase it, decrease it or stop it altogether! It makes it so easy to feel a part of the art and artist you love.

2. See For Yourself

Ever wonder “How much time does it take to make that?” or  “Where did she come up with that idea?” As an artist on Patreon, I can easily share with you what goes on in my studio. I can fill you in on things as they happen like what I’m currently working on and the next artwork I have planned.

3. More Life in Art

Pretty pictures are nice, but knowing the story behind them makes them come to life! Ever wonder how a painting happens? What was the inspiration? As a patron, you get to watch the art come to life as you watch it’s story unfold.

4. More Art in Life

Do you find yourself wanting more art in your daily life? Do you snail mail? One of my tiers has a downloadable card pdf and another has a matching envelope file EVERY MONTH! They feature my artwork and you can use them for all your personal correspondence or gift giving. There’s three years worth of uploads there already. That’s a whole lot of snail mail love! I use these files myself so I know they work too!

Does a print of my art sound like more your speed? One tier in particular gets you a coupon for 15% off one order my INPrnt shop each month you are a patron. As soon as I reach my first goal there, there’s a print giveaway too!

I hope that demystifies the whole Patreon idea. Micro-donations are a great way to support your favorite artists. Take a look at my Patreon page and check out the tier perks. I’m running a special offer until May 13! On that day, every patron is eligible for a Patron of the Arts sticker wrapped up on a hand-written note from me!



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