InCoWriMo 2019 wrap-up

This was my second year to participate in International Correspondence Writing Month. There were a few things that helped me get through it with a smile this year. I didn’t do these the first year but wish I had. I was really frazzled by the end of February last year!

Here’s what I found to be the most helpful:

IMG_2650Get Organized!
I had a box full of supplies, envelopes and cards ready to go. I did make substitutions and changes as I went, but having 20+ ready to grab sure made it easier than having to make a card and envelope to use every day! That way I could focus on and find time for the writing.

IMG_2652 - EditedPostage! Last year I may have over-bought on vintage postage just a teensy bit. 😉  But I did organize them so it was easy to locate the right amount. I really love using vintage postage! It really makes for a colorful envelope. Of course you could just get 28 forever stamps of your favorite variety to streamline the process even more.

Talk about it! 
Share with friends! I didn’t NOT talk about it the first year. LOL! But this year I blogged about it (here, here and here) and made it part of my daily art activities rather than something I do when I’m not making art. But why… art is communication and making art is about making connections. So this year I combined them and found I enjoyed it more.

Oh hey! Those links above also have links to downloadable files to print out cards and envelopes! I guess that would fall under tempting others to join in the fun. 😀

Focus and Flex.
Writing letters and mailing them is the point of this activity. So I feel as long as that is happening, I’m meeting that goal, yes?

Some days I just couldn’t get a letter into the box before the post-person came by. Or maybe I botched the envelope and needed to start it over but didn’t have time. For whatever reason, I would fall a day or two behind. Or three. Life happens! To help me enjoy it more, I made my goal to have the 28th letter in the box by the end of the day on February 28th. If something had happened and I didn’t make that goal, I would get all 28 out as soon as I could.

So, will you participate in InCoWriMo 2020? I know I will! But if you can’t wait, there are other groups going on like this. OR you could just mail a letter to someone. 🙂 In this age of junk mail, it is nice to get a hand-written letter just for you!

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