InCoWriMo Week 3

IMG_2105 - EditedHello again! It is time for the weekly InCoWriMo download. This week features “Autumn Repost IV” which at this moment is hanging in downtown Columbia at Central Bank.

Here are the files: front and back


Did you get a chance to use the previous downloads yet? I would love to know how they worked for you! Let me know if you get a chance. You could even send me a pic or tag me on Instagram if you’re posting about it there.

IMG_2106 - Edited

I’m hanging in there for letter-writing. Keeping caught up so far. It has certainly helped having cards and envelopes ready (or mostly ready) Ooh! I indulged in buying a ~1930s writing tablet. It was unused! Was. 😉 In the front there is a lined paper you can put under the sheet you are writing on to help with alignment. It has beautiful watermarking but I don’t know that I see that “ripple finish”. If nothing else, it takes fountain pen ink beautifully!

IMG_2108 - Edited IMG_2110 - Edited

Have a great week and happy letter-writing!

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