A Sale! and a Fleeting Glimpse

Sale! (2)
“What I love best are the colors in the sky and reflection of the trees and the bubble and in the bubble’s reflection. You can almost slip into that world.” ~ D. Orely, art collector

Knowing a bit about why someone chooses to buy a piece of art, what attracted them to it, is like icing on the sale-cake. LOL!

Sometimes they don’t know why and that’s okay too. But when they can share just a little bit, like Diane did for this piece, I feel like I get a glimpse into the other side of the conversation. I don’t often get that so it feels like a rare treat. So my advice to anyone buying art from a living artist, tell them why or what about that piece made you decide to own it.

If you’d like to get prints or cards of “Fleeting Vision”, you can visit my INPrnt shop. Stickers, bags and things can be found at my RedBubble shop.



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