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This week I’ve added two new finished pieces of art to my online portfolio.

First is Autumn Repose III.¬†As the name suggests, it is the third in a series I’m working on featuring fall leaves. You can learn more about that piece here.

The second is a charcoal study for an upcoming piece about food or rather my feelings about food. As someone with food sensitivities/allergies, food or rather the eating of it can be stressful. Instead of focusing on that aspect, I wanted to focus on how I combat that stress… by keeping my food simple (an usually home-made).

So a still life of an apple with a leaf still clinging to it’s stem fits that bill for me. I could have just plucked it off the tree and set it on the table just before eating it. The charcoal study really captures that feeling of simplicity and focuses on the form and values without the distraction of color.

But color is like flavor, isn’t it? So if this were a green apple, like a granny smith. Your mouth might water at the sight of it, no?

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