Artful Giving

Artful GivingOriginal art makes a great gift and it packs a double punch when it comes to giving. Your recipient gets something unique from a living, breathing artist and the artist get’s to create more art. (and maybe pay bills 😉 ) And you oh wonderful giver become a Patron of the Arts. 😀

So as you’re making your list and checking it, consider giving the gift of art. If not originals then look for prints from your favorite artists.

Here is a list of places you can find my art, both originals and repoductions.

  • Columbia Art League
    • I have a charcoal piece there as well as hand-made cards. A portion of the sales goes to support this wonderful place too so buying from them would get you the “hat trick” of holiday giving. 😉
  • J Otto Lottes Library at Mizzou
    • Nine pieces are on display here through the end of the month. Contact me to arrange purchase.
  • Red Bubble
    • Get reproductions of my art on useful things like: Stickers, mugs, pouches, t-shirts. A great option if the piece you want has already sold.
  • InPrnt
    • Archival ink jet (giclee) cards and prints. I like the softness of these prints over the glossy ones at the link above. It’s more like the original artwork to me. Another great way to get a copy of the piece you want if it has already sold.
  • My website
    • all pieces (available and sold) are listed under either paintings or drawings
  • Patreon
    • Here you can become part of my creative community. Learn what goes on behind each piece and see finished pieces first. There are monthly downloads and goal-driven giveaways.

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