Thoughtful Thursday: Make bad art

Tuesday Thoughts blog

Quick search on creativity quotes turned up this gem:

Correctly attributed to Scott Adams, the cartoonist who created Dilbert. I even found an article where he confirms he said it. It’s short and worth a read.

It reminds me of something I wish I could go back and tell my twenty-something self. I hope by putting this into words that it will help someone, of any age, to pursue art.

What would I have told myself…. “Make mistakes! Lots of them. Now, go make more!”

You see, I had this delusion that to be “a good artist” I needed to be able to create the perfect piece of art from the get-go. If anything came out bad, I was a bad artist. And, if no one liked it, then no one liked me. Crazy, right?

This also gets into the area of comparing yourself to others. Don’t do it! You can’t be them any more than they can be you. If artist x produces 10 pieces a a month and you produce 1, don’t let that make you feel like less of an anything. If you want to produce more, find ways to do it that work for you. Do it because you are inspired from within.

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