Tuesday Thoughts

Tuesday Thoughts blogSaw this quote today and it struck a cord with me.

I’m struggling with a painting needs to be done by the end of the week. The background is giving me fits! I’m on the third redo and really grabbing a straws trying to figure out how to solve the issue. It just doesn’t look “right” and despair is creeping in. I’m consoling myself with the fact that I’ve learned something each time.

The first redo reminded me lights are usually darker than I think they are. To make an area look bright, everything around it must be sufficiently dim. My reference photo is on an ipad and I think this compounds the issue. Things just look lighter on it to my eyes.

The second redo is where the quote comes in. I was feeling frustrated and afraid I’d not finish in time or worse have to submit something I really hated. O.O Not that I ever really love a painting when I’m done. But I was feeling like I wanted to just trash the whole thing. Hated it THAT much. But this quote reminded me of something.

I believe that every painting I do is an experiment and a learning experience. There is always something new to try. “Good” to me is a finished painting. “Great” is a finished painting that taught me something (or several somethings) And suddenly, the frustration eased and the ideas flowed.

So I’m trying some new things at that eleventh hour and feeling better about this painting. The graphic shows a bit of it. Keep a lookout for the whole painting by the end of the month.

What about you? Is there a quote that has inspired you lately?

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