Weekly Wrap-up x2

Seems I missed a week! I’ve been out hunting small mouthed toads and other critters with my daughter. We’ve not found one yet but we’ll keep looking.

Here’s a rundown of the thumbnails: 1. Color study of Trina 2. Tabby color study 3. Dandilioness ink study 4. 25th wedding anniversary card 5. Color studies on two papers 6. Graphite study for tabby 7. Museum sketching group study 8. Same reference but at home 9. Free form sketch outside

Was pretty happy with the color studies this week. I think that tabby will become a larger painting next week. Maybe the wine glass too.

That wine glass study I ended up doing three times… on black velour, tan velour and sanded paper. The black velour didn’t take the lights as well as I wanted. T think there is just too much area that’s near white. The tan was better. I could get it dark enough too. But I like the sanded paper best for this one. I can get crisper details on  it and since there’s not a lot going on, it needs those details!

That tabby though, it will be on velour.  😉

That’s all for now!


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