Secondhand Scenery Series

DSC04265-001 Weather finally cooperated. Gave this idea a try for the third piece in this series.

I don’t think this is THE reference I’m looking for. It’s close though. May go back out with a kayaker to pose for me in the reflection. It just needs something… clouds… more color…. something.

But then… maybe it is workable. I started this post last night as soon as I got in from the lake. And now, the next morning, I see promise in this reference. What if all around it was greys…? And color was only found in the reflection. Hmmm. Something poetic about that. About the world not being nearly a colorful as we think it is. 😉 and if perception is a reflection…. hmmm.

This is certainly a different way to create art; at least one that I’m not used to. Actively seeking a painting reference rather than waiting to happen across it. Rather than waiting for inspiration.

I’ve been thinking that I do have a couple of series going already, incidental ones like the fall leaves (Autumn Repose series). Every fall I want to paint those autumn flowers… hmmm maybe that would have been a better name. There are two in that series (one, two) and will likely be another this fall. Could that be considered a series though? One that comes at its own pace and isn’t forced or obsessed over.

How do you define an artistic “series”?

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