Weekly Wrap-up

Last week was a wee bit graphite focused so the list of quick paintings I want to do is getting a bit long. There’s one graphite sketch I really want to get to, then I may focus on daily paintings this week.

Felt like I had a bit of a breakthrough in developing facial planes towards the end of last week. Hoping I can prove that out and continue the trend.

IMG_0062I’ve had fits and starts with that technique over the years. Sometimes it feels natural and others completely alien. On the 13th, I really took my time developing those planes and waiting as long as possible to start with shading. One result is that the shading took no time at all! It was almost anticlimactic. LOL!

Have to gush a little bit here… the first pic in the middle row above and the middle pic in the last row are a couple of local celebrities known as The Burney Sisters. (you can also find them on YouTube) An amazingly talented duo who I have had the pleasure of meeting a couple of times now. They even autographed their pages in my sketchbook. Squeee! And here I thought I’d never be one to do “fan art”. Though… depending on how you look at it, any portrait could fall into that category.

If you’re new to my art, in addition to this blog, you can follow me on YouTube and Patreon.

Okay! Off to get this week’s art going… Thanks for reading!


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