Weekly Wrap-up

Here’s this week’s creative output! 

The top right and bottom left are my daughter several years ago. She’s gotten so big! The dog is our Boston Terrier, Kirby. He’s gotten so grey! The cutie in the top left is a friend’s daughter. I’ll be painting her next week! She’s also on the first page of my new sketchbook! So excited to be starting that new book. Now to see how fast I can fill it up…

That color piece is my first full-size painting on the velour paper. I don’t know if all those little daily paintings are the reason, but I did that frog eye in 5 days. I’ve never done a painting that fast! I’ll post more about it soon.

I’m considering doing a series of reflected landscapes. The frog eye would be the second in it. It would be my first series so I’m not sure how to go about it but the idea of exploring reflected landscapes sounds fun.

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