Looking Back, Thinking Ahead

My desk is covered with last week’s daily paintings & sketches. As part of my Patreon perks, I upload them as I do them with speed videos. I really enjoyed doing them which I find kind of funny. In college, I loathed the daily sketchbook assignments.

Most of these I limited myself to 30 minutes to an hour. They’re not meant to be finished pieces but rather a chance to play and explore. I find it really hard to stop though. That frog in the lower left was too much fun so I worked on him all weekend. I love treefrog feet! May even find a wee frame for him. All of the paintings shown are around 4″ x 6″ and are done on Hahnemühle velour paper.

The Hahnemühle velour is very different to use than the Uart sanded paper I usually use! Pastel really sticks to that velour and doesn’t want to move. Bad if you’re used to blending to your heart’s content but good in that things stay put when you’re done.

The theme wasn’t intentional. Started with one eye and kept going! I like the green frog eye in graphite. There is a lanscape reflected there. Maybe the start of a series theme. 😉

The theme next week… I don’t know. I’ll have to go for another walk in the woods and see what happens.

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