Keeping Art Clean

IMG_4647One of the things I love about soft pastels is their messiness. I can blend to my hearts content! But that mess needs to be directed and sometimes contained. I want things to look well blended but not smudgy.

I picked up this unexpected tip while watching this video of Alain Picard demonstrating a pastel wash technique. Around the 8 minute mark he grabs a couple “wet wipes” to clean his hands while he works! ┬áThis had never crossed my mind, and I have two kids.

You might think that chalk pastels come off easily enough without using anything more than a paper towel. You’ll have to try it for yourself or just trust me, they don’t! It takes soap and water or… wet wipes.

And since keeping things clean is easier than cleaning them up after the fact, I also wipe down my trays and boards between projects.


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