My soft pastels

Two of the canvas organizers. Yellows and browns. Reds and purples.

These are my pastel trays. They are made from 4 10″ x 20″ canvases I bought at Michaels for $5 a piece. I hot-glued strips of board to make the sections and lined them with a tissue.  I could have sworn I saw this idea on Pinterest but I can’t find the pin.

I’m working on figuring out a way to organize the colors. Everyone is a different in what will work I think. So far light (top) to dark (bottom) and Warm (left) to cool (right) seems to make the most sense to me but I am still in the process of getting them organized that way. Sometimes I can’t tell where a color needs to be until I see where it doesn’t go.

The other two. Greens and blues. Black, white and neutrals.

Now, I don’t work from those canvas organizers. I bought square mosaic trays (Also from Michael’s) for about $2 each to use as working pallets. One for pencils and one for sticks. Once I’m done with a painting, they all go back to their organizers and I wipe down the trays.

Pastel brands… I’ve got a mixture of NuPastel, Great American Artworks, Schmenke and Unisons. And then CarbOthello  and Caran d’Arche pastel pencils. Most of them are NuPastel because they are less expensive. Those are harder than the rest. I think Great American Artwork’s are the softest. I tend to use the Nupastels first and the softer ones last on the really light or really dark areas.

Top view of my working table. Stack of canvas organizers on the right. Pallet trays on the left.


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