To Show or Not to Show

Watch me draw this!

Process/ progress shots. I take them. A lot of them. But until recently never thought to share them on YouTube because I didn’t think anyone would be interested and I didn’t realize how easy it was. Even though I LOVE to watch other artists process videos and I know that is not an uncommon thing for an artist to like. It was this duality in my thinking (and a lack of confidence in myself) that I never questioned until recently. I blame Gwenn’s video (all of them really). 😉

She did a good job hitting the nail on the head. Here’s why I do it:

  1. I want to remember how I did that piece. I will vary how I approach a painting (a nice way of saying I’m inconsistent) and will forget the path I took.  Hoping this will encourage me to be more consistent if I remember how a successful piece was made.
  2. I’ve already done most of the work by taking those shots or videos. Tools out there now, like on YouTube, make it easy to get them stitched together, add music and upload. TAdaa!
  3. Dispel the myth that a “good” artist can put a masterpiece out in one go. Perfect. Easy peasy. I labored under this misconception most of my life and it crippled me as an artist. I thought that I HAD to create perfection at the get go or I was no good as an artist. So I labeled myself a failure before I even began. When I saw for myself that those artists I idolized also labored, made mistakes and kept going (because I could see their progress shots and videos), I had to change my thinking. I was no longer afraid to make mistakes. Well, at least not paralyzed by them anyway. I do still worry a bit.
  4. Pay it forward. Maybe someone else will get a similar benefit from watching me make art.

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