Preferred Pastel Paper

backside of Uart papers

I’m starting to get questions (yay!) about tools and materials I use so I thought it worth a blog post. I’m going to try to do one at a time to make for shorter posts.

Right now, my preferred paper is Uart sanded pastel paper. (just a link to where I buy it. I’m not an affiliate) I’ve used their 400, 500 and 600 grit papers. There’s a sheet of 800 waiting for me too!  I still kinda want to giggle that I’m drawing on sand paper.

IMG_3907 (1)
Autumn Repose II on Uart 600 paper is available!

What do I like about this paper? It’s tough. I can do an under painting with watercolor or alcohol wash and the grit stays put. I can brush off layers of pastel to fix a mistake or change direction. I can put on layers and layers of pastels and not fill up the grit.

All of my paintings in the last 3 years have been on Uart paper. I started with the rougher paper (400) and all 2017 pieces are on the 600.

Most of my early pieces are on Canson MiTients paper. It’s locally available which is nice but it is not as forgiving or tough.

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