Lost in Reflections

gallardiatile3Hmmm… Mirrored Mondays. This could be a thing!

I’ve been mulling this idea over for a while.  Got the idea from Gwenn Seemel’s art at Redbubble. At first I thought that it wouldn’t work with my art because it is too realistic or not colorful enough or… insert a great number of excuses my brain came up with at the time. Eventually I gave it a try anyway.

Happily, I can say that I was wrong! Here’s the first one I played with taken from “Gallardias for Stephanie“. I see a moth or a face; several faces really. What do you see?

Now, I can’t stop making them. So surprising to see the patterns that develop from snippets of my paintings. I’ll show you others soon. I’m putting together a page at Red Bubble to make my art available on different items.

While “Stephanie’s Gallardias” has a home, you will soon be able to get prints of this abstraction from Redbubble. Ordering one now to see how it looks first!


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